Seminary learning on your schedule.


Academics at LAMP


Learning on Your Schedule

Students only focus on one class at a time in a block schedule. Each class runs for 6-7 weeks and meets one night per week. At the normal recommended pace the student will finish six to seven courses a year. At this pace the overall program can be completed in about 5 years, but can accelerated or adjusted to meet the needs of particular students.  


Learning in Community

LAMP trains leaders in the context of their local church and LAMP partners with local churches to develop leaders. We aim to graduate leaders who have been mentored and seasoned in the context of real-life ministry. Students are expected to be active in their local churches or in some ministry setting. We strive to keep head-knowledge connected to heart-knowledge and to emphasize the practical application of sound theology.


What Is The Workload like?

LAMP is not diet seminary, or seminary-lite.  Students take the same classes and complete the same requirements as those of traditional seminary programs. Students listen to a lecture online, read classic seminary texts, and respond in writing each week. Each class is taught discussion-style with 6-10 other students.  There is a final test, paper or project for each class.


LAMP is not diet seminary 



Here is the full curriculum for LAMP Seminary.  LAMP Seminary meets all the core requirements for ordination in many denominations, but specific to the Presbyterian Church in America, from which LAMP was founded. Students are 100% ordainable at completion. Download the full course catalog or a sample syllabus below.



LAMP’s curriculum has been designed to fulfill the requirements of the uniform curriculum of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). This gives graduates of LAMP Theological Seminary the eligibility for ordination in the PCA, as well as in other denominations and churches. LAMP is authorized by the Florida Department of Education to grant religious degrees. Here is more information about LAMP and accreditation.


Bachelor of Divinity


  • Show proof of a High School Diploma or its equivalent and an official transcript from an approved college or university attended (below 20 credits)
  • Consent to the Doctrines of Grace

Degree Requirements

  • Students must pass each course with a “C”
  • Completion of LAMP core program


Master of Divinity


  • Completed a Bachelor Degree from an approved institution

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Consent to the Doctrines of Grace

Degree Requirements

  • Students must maintain a “B” average at LAMP

  • Completion of LAMP core program